Our Philosophy

  • Everyone in our team at MERIDIAN is a qualified native speaker. Our language instructors have an excellent linguistic knowledge and solid teaching experience.

  • We teach in small groups to create a relaxed and creative atmosphere with the constant and valuable support of our teachers.

  • Decide yourself what, where and how much you want to study. MERIDIAN offers personalised solutions. We enjoy adapting to your needs.

  • To get the most out of your class we use a mix of the best methods available:that combines the most efficient teaching methods, namely: the grammar-translation method, the natural/direct method, a modern approach (audiovisual material, audio-linguistic and intercultural material).

  • Variation is important! We use audio and video material as well as interactive computer tasks. This way learning is dynamic and fun!

  • Of course, we are familiar with up to date textbooks and teaching methods.

  • Make progress quickly thanks to qualified teaching methods and individual support.

  • At MERIDIAN you do not just learn a new language but you will also become familiar with a new culture.

  • Our experience shows us that continous studies are most important for learning a new language. This is why we recommend you to allow for longer periods of time in order to gain a solid knowledge of the language.

  • Our language school is located in the 3rd district of Vienna and is very easy to reach.

  • The use of our library with Russian and German books is free of charge.

IIndividual and personalised offers

Individual lessons and group courses for companies
We have many years of experience regarding personalised teaching methods and are proud to have many satisfied clients in Vienna and Lower Austria.

It is up to our clients to decide when, where and how often they attend class.

Personalised courses for managers and employees
We adapt to the linguistic needs and aims of your company and organise German and Russian classes in a location of your choice-in your company/embassy or in our school. Define your own teaching contents together with our teachers.

Your personal language instructor from MERIDIAN will be adjusting himself/herself to your needs.

Personalised teaching has many advantages
Our instructor adapts the personalised teaching contents to your individual skills and goals. This way you make more progress more quickly! In has proved to be useful to combine the group course with a few individual lessons. This way you can get the best out of the group lessons and the single classes with your teacher and bring your communication skills more quickly to a higher level.

Our experienced teachers will find the matching concept for every need. Our prices will amaze you!