„Good evening! How are you today?“

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German conversation at Meridian

Wednesday evening – B2/C1 course
Since we launched the conversation course on Wednesday the evening class has been growing continually!

All participants are advanced German speakers and are interested in business, arts and culture. There is also the possibility to specialize in topics of individual interest. An experienced German teacher moderates  the discussion and assists in grammatical and lexical issues. Would you like to practice your speaking skill in a group of enthusiastic students?

  • Evening course German B2/ C1 10 weeks
  • Wednesday 6 – 7.30 pm
  • Costs: 350,- Euro + 15,- Euro registration fee, course materials included

Register now for a free trial session!  You can join us anytime!
For further information please call 01-907 64 15, ideally between 11am and 5pm.

The Evening course German A2 will start soon!

Welcome to the Evening course for German A2!
The course starts on November 5, 2012! Our course takes place twice a week in the evening.

  • Evening Course German A2 (for students with elementary knowledge of German)
  • Course dates: Monday and Wednesday / Tuesday and Thursday 6.30 – 8.30 pm
  • Duration of the course: 10 weeks
  • Costs: 350,- Euro per participant including course materials + 15 Euro registration fee
  • Course location: Gärtnergasse 4, 1030 Vienna

Registration is already possible!
Call us now or send an email to office@meridian.co.at

Note: From November 15, 2012 we are also offering an evening conversation course for the B2 level!

A unique opportunity: Immersion course with 60 teaching units on C1 level

Few language schools offer an immersion group course on C1 level.
Use the opportunity to reach C1 level within two months!
On this level the group already has considerable skills in the German language.
The participants can speak fluently, and spontaneous communication delights the group.
In independent as well as group exercises the participant trains in challenging areas of the German language. Register now for a free trial session!

  • German Immersion Course C1/1 and C1/2
  • Monday-Friday, 9am – 12pm
  • Course dates
    C1/1: October  29 –  November  23, 2012
    C1/2:  November 26 – December 21, 2012
  • Course location: Gärtnergasse 4, 1030 Vienna
  • Course fees per month:  395,- Euro + 15,- Euro registration fee, course materials included.

For further information please call 01-907 64 15, ideally between 11am and 5pm.

Russian courses at Meridian

Maybe you have the opportunity to get funding for professional development from the AMS and are faced with the question which additional skills to acquire? Learn Russian at Meridian!

Our language school is a partner of the AMS and offers daily courses of optional intensity – usually 10 teaching units a week.
In individual lessons you can acquire the skills tailored to your professional profile.
Call us now and we will be happy to issue a no-obligation quotation for you!

  • Group course Russian A1
  • Our new group course Russian starts on November 13, 2012.
  • Course dates: Tuesday and Thursday, 6-7.30 pm
  • Registration is already possible!
  • Russian for business and everyday life
  • Twice a week
  • 4 teaching units per week
  • Course duration: 5 weeks (10 days)
  • Costs: 225,- Euro per participant plus registration fee.

The „storm“ is approaching!

No, not the wind but the cask-conditioned cider characterizes the autumnal season in Austrian counties!
Sturm“ is not a mere grape juice and not yet a wine.
This delicious drink should be enjoyed only in small quantities; otherwise you might suffer from a headache.
But you should definitely try this drink because it is available only now, in autumn!

In the vineyards of Vienna and Lower Austria there are multiple opportunities to taste the Sturm or young wine.
There are feasts with creative names: “Storm days”, “Hello Wine Celebration”, “Early Wine Tasting” and much more.

Austrians fondly call the Sturm with adjectives such as “swishing”, “roaring”, “rushing” or “floating”, for that’s how your head might feel after having drunk too much Sturm.
Nevertheless it is worth it, especially as with a good meal accompanying the Sturm nothing much can happen!
For information on young wines and feasts in Lower Austria and Vienna please visit:


We wish you a „stormy“ autumn!