Meridian Language School

Welcome to Meridian Language School

MERIDIAN is a young and modern language school for students of German, English and Russian. It was founded in 2007 and will celebrate its 5th anniversary in 2012.

Our clients are members of the OSCE as well as many major enterprises, among them Warimpex Finanz- und Beteiligungs AG (a real estate development and investment company with special focus on hotel properties in Central and Eastern Europe), Voest Alpine Stahl AG, Hotel Savoy, EMC Computer Systems Austria GmbH, Bio Oil Development GmbH and many more.

MERIDIAN Language School is a place for up-to-date communication that builds bridges between three widely spoken languages English, Russian and German. Russian (more than 130 million people) in the East, German (more than 90 million people) in the West of Europe and English (over 340 million speakers accross the world).

By specialising in only three languages we can guarantee high standard courses.


Russian is the most spoken slavic language. In former times it was called old-Russian (in Russian: русский язык, scientific transliteration russkij jazyk). Our method’s focus is the active involvement of the students. Our beginner courses include grammar, dialogue, exercises, reading, audiovisual materials, images etc. to enhance communication abilities from the first day on. Our language school offers courses in Russian for all levels.


German is the most spoken mother tongue within the EU with a number of 101 million speakers. On a larger scale, there are 130 million German speakers worldwide. German is one of the most important economic languages and will gain further importance due to the EU enlargement towards the East. Our teaching methods are based on an officially recognised teaching practise and textbooks using standard German. Our language schools offers German courses for all levels.


English is one of the most widely-spoken languages ​​accross the world. More than 337 million people speak English as their first language and about 350 million as their second language. In the Unites States of America, English is the dominant language: there live more than 226 million people with English as mother tongue. In India, English alongside Hindi is official language, about 3.000 newspapers are published in the English language in this country. In more than 75 regions of the world, English is the official language or has a special status. English is the international language of communications, science, business, entertainment and diplomacy. About 80% of all electronically stored information in the world are written in English. About two-thirds of all international scientists publish in English.