General Terms and Conditions

REGISTRATION: For registration please make a personal appointment with the school office, you can reach us on the phone: +43 1 907 64 15, via fax: +43 1 907 64 15, email: or online at using the registration form. Your registration will be valid once the required payment has been made (please show us a copy of the payment receipt) and after having received the final confirmation on our behalf. As there is a limited number of participants registrations will be considered /1 according to the order of incoming payments./oder kürzer: 2 on a first come first serve basis.

PAYMENT: Pay your course fee cash in our office two weeks (14 days) before the course starts or make a transference to our bank account: „Meridian OG“ at Bank Austria, BIN: 12000, account number: 509 800 11 863

CANCELLATION OF A COURSE: In case of cancellation we charge an administration fee of 40€. Cancellations are only allowed 14 days prior to starting date and have to be placed personally and in written form. In case of cancellation or rescheduling of course dates after the aforementioned date/after the starting date of the course/in case of nonattendance of the participant we will charge the total course fee. In case of presenting a replacement we will only charge the administration fee of 40€.


Cancellations must be conducted in written form before the start of the course.
If, for any reason whatsoever, the participant withdraws from a contract concerning a study trip, he/she is required to pay cancellation fees for the course and accommodation in the following amounts:

Up to 7 days prior to the start of the course a cancellation charge of EUR 175,- is imposed.

No refund is possible in the event of cancellation six days or less prior to the start of the course, or after the start of the course, or at non-arrival of the participant. A cancellation becomes effective upon receipt of written or wired notification by MERIDIAN. Should the cancellation be accompanied by nomination of a suitable replacement, MERIDIAN will waive all fees apart from an administration charge of EUR 40,-.

RESCHEDULING OF COURSE: A rescheduling of your course has to be announced 14 days prior to the starting date and will cost you 40€. This is only possible for one course.

CONTINUING COURSE: If you are already participating in a course and would like to join a follow-up course, please register as explained before. There is no automatic reservation.

RESPONSIBILITY:The participants are responsible for all damages caused by them and must pay indemnity according to the law. The host does not incurr any responsibility for eventual losses or damages, especially injuries. We will not provide any health insurance or accident insurance. Parents are responsible for their children, if they are not of age. Participation in excursions at your own risk. we recommend you to effect a health and accident insurance. We are not liable for personal belongings of the participants including their learning material.

EXPULSION FROM MERIDIAN LANGUAGE SCHOOL:  Should a participant grossly infringe upon the rules of behaviour established in the contract or impede regular class activity, he/she will be expulsed from the course without the right of compensation. Neither course fees nor expenses for accommodation will be refunded.

CANCELLATION-ABREVIATION-POSTPONEMENT: In case that the minimum number of students can’t be reached, MERIDIAN reserves the right to cancel, abreviate or postpone the course. If the required teaching staff is not available, MERIDIAN reserves the right, inspite of all previous scheduling and planning, to cancel, abreviate or postpone the course.

VISITS-EXCURSIONS: Expenses for visits, excursions and exams are not included in the course fee and have to be paid on the spot, unless the contrary has been agreed upon.

NON ATTENDANCE: There is no refund or prolongation of the course possible in case of irregular attendance. For the cancellation of an individual lesson, the student has the right to receive another appointment if the notice of cancellation has reached us the previous day before 12am. If, for an individual lesson, a student arrives more than 20 minutes late, the class will be cancelled and the full class fee must be paid. The student has no right to repeat the missed class. Once it has started, each unit will be counted as a whole unit, even though it is interrupted. In case of cancellation due to illnes or personal incapability of one of our teachers, there will either be a substitute teacher or the classes will be caught up upon mutual agreement with the students.

COURSE BOOKS AND COURSE MATERIALS: Course books, materials and certificates of participation are not included in the course fee. There is no copyright on any of the documents put at your disposition by MERIDIAN.

OBLIGATION OF PARTICIPATION AND NOTICE OF DEFECTS: The course participants are obliged to inform the office in Vienna immediately upon detection of a defect and ask for the realisation of the necessary corrective measures. In case of non-fulfillment of this obligation we exclude any kind of liability.

ORGANISATION OF COURSES AND UNITS: MERIDIAN language school is in charge of the organisation. A unit has 45 minutes.

MISCELLEANOUS: A new teacher does not convey the right to the students to back out from the contract. Any changes have to be presented in written form. MERIDIAN language school reserves the right to amend the rules, the schedules and the teaching contents, as well as the prices and general terms and conditions without previous notice. Should any of the terms and conditions become ineffective, the remaining ones will stay fully effective. Translation and printing errors excepted. Place of jurisdiction is Vienna.

VOUCHERS: Vouchers can only be used in MERIDIAN language school for private units or group courses and have a validity of 12 months from the date of issue. Only one voucher redeemable per person and course.

DATA PROTECTION: All personal information regarding our students is confidential and will not be passed on to third parties. MERIDIAN will use the aformentioned data exclusively to collect specific information on our customer base.