Our Team


Born in Yekaterinburg, lives in Vienna since 2000.

I am a big fan of Russian, which is why I studied Slavic Languages at the University of Vienna. There I realised how many people are interested in learning Russian. We at MERIDIAN try to teach these people Russian and the culture, the ones who are interested. During my studies I have gained knowledge on a variety of methodical and didactical approaches to teaching the Russian language. Now,at our school. I can use the ideal teaching strategy.


Born in Moscow, lives in Vienna since 1995.

I discovered my passion for German at an early age. When I was only 10 years old I already spoke perfect German. Later on, I studied International Business which requires the ability to implement ideas in real life. I know from my own experience which is the most efficient way to learn German as a foreign language and how important German and Russian are for business relations in Central – and Eastern Europe.

We kindly invite you to improve your knowledge of Russian or German at our MERIDIAN language school.

Its always hard in the beginning, but with our support, studying will be a lot of fun!