Basic information about our English courses

Meridian is a modern language school located in the heart of Vienna.

Meridian uses modern methods which are officially accepted for European standards. You have the option to choose your own times, place and intensity of the course, may it be single or group courses. The teaching methods shall be optimally adjusted to your needs. Our experienced lecturers shall use a wide variety of teaching methods to spice up the classes. This way you can quickly reach your desired learning degree.

We offer a perfect price scheme for your needs.
Your satisfaction is our goal.

English courses on every level
In Meridian, you can find all sorts of teaching programs. We offer a wide range of classes, from individual classes up to English classes for business uses. All our courses follow the “European Framework of Reference for Language Learning and Teaching” (A1/2, B1/2, and C1/2).

Find out your English level
After the completion of a placement test, you will be assigned to an English class that fits your level.

Teaching Language
In our English courses, our lecturers will speak English to you from the very first day. This way, you can achieve the fastest results in your learning experience. You shall train speaking, understanding of the spoken language, reading and writing. Training in different methods will make your learning experience more fun and fulfilling.

International English courses
Our students come from a variety of different countries around the world. Expand your horizon by experiencing different cultural diversities and by meeting new people.

Find us in the middle of Vienna
Our language school is located in the 3rd district, close to the City Park, the Opera, the Ringstraße and other different tourist spots. Our language school is easy to find through public transport, for example: you can take the U3 or U4 until “Landstraße”, or take the Schnellbahn until “Wien Mitte”. There are many other options available (e.g.: busses, trams, etc).

Unsure about the formalities? We can gladly help.
We can help you sort out most of the annoying formalities in Vienna. We can also organize private rooms or rooms in student dorms for you.

English courses with a wide variety of choice

The language school Meridian offers English courses the whole year round, in all levels. With us, you can find individual courses, group courses and English classes for business purposes.

Special English courses

Individual classes
If you prefer learning English individually rather than in a group, then you have the choice to book individual classes or to take individual classes in addition to your group course. You would thus get the full support through the lecturer and learn stress free, fast and sustained.

Courses according to your individual needs
You can choose the kind of individual classes for your specific needs:
• very intense courses in short period of time, e.g.: six hours daily over several weeks
• from time to time, or flexible times based on your individual needs
• on specific days of the week, or specific dates on the calendar
• on a specific time daily.
Speak to us; we can make a special offer based on your individual needs.

Business English
In most companies English is becoming a more important skill to know. CEO’s and company directors nowadays evaluate their employees on their knowledge of the English language. Not only basic knowledge of the vocabulary, but also intercultural know how is crucial. With our English courses you can master the challenge of a globalized working world.

Company intern groups
In our company courses, which can either take place as an in-house seminar or at our language school, your employees get a perfect preparation for their upcoming tasks and challenges that they will face in the near future.

Vocabulary for effective communication
We bombard you with a massive load of English vocabulary which is essential for your company situation. Our lecturers adjust their schedule according to your individual needs so that you can comfortably learn the English language required for your professional working challenge.

Open Courses
Meridian offers basic English courses on all standardized levels (from A1 until C2). After a placement test you will be assigned to an English class that perfectly fits your language level.
So why study in Meridian? Because it’s fun! We use interactive media for you to listen to, movie scenes, role-play and discuss many interesting themes.

Turn on the English turbo
Become a manager in your own education. Learn English for your studies, for work, as an extracurricular activity after school or as a study. With fundamental knowledge of the English language you shall never be put at a disadvantage.

Learn something new every day!
“You’re never too old to learn to learn something new!” Have people been telling you that, or have you lately been feeling like that as well? Refresh your English knowledge from your time in school or just try to impress your boss in work with knowledge of the English language. You will see that how fun it can be to be successful or just being the center of attention. Meet new friends, learn something new about other countries, or just learn English so that you can speak it on your travels.

Certificates and diplomas
At the end of the course you have the choice to take an internal exam, for which in turn you receive a Certificate for that language level (A1/2, B1/2 or C1/2). Our courses are perfect as preparation for the Cambridge Course, the IELTS Test, the TOEIC test and the TOEFL®Test. You can prepare for it optimally and without stress.

Guaranteed quality in our English courses

Quality in our English courses & qualified English teachers
Our English courses are exclusively taught by teachers who have a pedagogical university degree and have a long-term experience in teaching English as a second language or as a foreign language.