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Our course program is based on the Common European Framework Reference for Languages“ (CEFR). CEFR has established a standard valid all throughout Europe. There are six different levels that tell you what your current knowledge of German is, but also to define your goals and your progress on the way there.

These are the levels as defined by GER:

Level: Description
Basic Level (A1) Can understand and use common expressions of daily life and simple sentences aiming at satisfying concrete needs. Able to present themselves and others and ask people questions about them, e.g. where they live, who they know or what things they have, and answer these kinds of questions. Able to communicate in a basic way if the interlocutors speak slowly and clearly and are willing to help. (approx. 0 – 100 units)
Basic Level (A2) Able to understand sentences and expressions of daily use which are associated with important subjects (eg. information on a person and his/her family, shopping, work, near surrounding) Able to communicate in simple routine situations in which it is important to exchange information on well known subjects in a direct and simple way. Able to give a basic description of their origins and education, their surroundings and things related to their immediate needs. (approx. 100 – 200 units)
Intermediate Level (B1) Able to capture most relevant points of a conversation when the interlocutor uses a clear standard language or when talking about common subjects such as work, school, recreation etc. Able to communicate in most situations when travelling in an area where the language is spoken. Able to pronounce themselves in a basic and coherent way on common subjects and personal interests. Able to report upon experiences and events, dreams, hopes or goals and give short explanations on their plans and opinions (approx. 200-500 units)
Intermediate Level (B2) Able to comprehend the main subject of complex texts on concrete and abstract subjects. Understand specific conversations in their field of study. Able to communicate spontaneously and fluently and lead a normal conversation with native speakers without much of an effort on both sides. Able to express themselves clearly and explicitly on a broad range of subjects and to explain their point of view and indicate the advantages and disadvantages of different possibilities. (300-600 units)
Advanced Level (C1) Has the ability to understand a big spectrum of demanding, longer texts and catch implicit meanings. Able to express themselves spontaneously and fluently without having to search for the right words all the time. Has the ability to use the language of study in their professional and social life or in education and academic life in a flexible and efficient way. Able to express themselves clearly and in a detailed and structured way on complex subjects making an appropiate use of different linguistic means to create contextual coherence.
Advanced Level (C2) Able to understand everything they read or hear effortlessly. Can resume information from different oral or written sources and give coherent reasons and explanations. Able to express themselves spontaneously and in a very fluent and precise way and highlight slight differences in meaning regarding more complex subjects. (approx. 1400 units + literature)

Your advantages at MERIDIAN

Drop in anytime
If you already have previous knowledge you can drop in anytime, even if the course has already started.
With us you don’t have to wait until a new course at your level starts.

Free Drop In Class
Participants with previous knowledge can participate in a free drop in class. Use the opportunity to get an insight in our teaching methods and find out which one is the course for you.

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Our courses
Level Teaching Materials Course Contents
Beginners course 1
(A1/1 Beginner without previous knowledge)
Schritte Band 1
  • Hello. My name is…
  • My family
  • Shopping (grocery shopping, supermarket)
  • My flat
  • My daily schedule
  • Leisure time
  • Children and school
Beginners Course 2
(A1/2 with previous knowledge)
Schritte Band 2
  • Jobs and work
  • Administrative offices and government agencies
  • Health and illness
  • Moving in the city
  • Customer service
  • New clothes
  • Celebrations
Basic German Level 1
Schritte Band 3
  • Introducing yourself/Getting to know other people
  • At Home
  • Eating and drinking
  • Sports and fitness
  • School and education
  • Celebrations and presents
Basic German Level 2
Schritte Band 4
  • On the weekend
  • The world of shopping
  • Sending mail and telephone
  • On the road
  • Travelling
  • At the bank
  • Stages in life
Intermediate German 1
em neu Brückenkurs
A further step – from basic to intermediate level: this course repeats, strenghtens and broadens the content of the basic level.. The grammar that has been studied before will be revised and put into practice. At the end of this course you will have a solid knowledge of German.
You will have to continue with the course, otherwise you’ll probably forget what you have learned so far. Necessary to integrate the aquired knowledge completely.

  • Work and hobbies
  • Family, Celebrations
  • School, Eating and drinking (food and drink?)
  • Movies,/films (BE oder AE?)travels, music, sports, fashion
Intermediate German Level 2
em neu Hauptkurs
  • People, language, places, shopping, future, job, love, media
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Mobility
German Intermediate Level 3
em neu Abschlusskurs
Your skills in reading, listening, speaking and writing will continuously and systematically be trained. You will master all communicative situations outiside the language school.
Once you have reached this level you have the chance to get certified and receive the ÖSD language diploma for intermediate German skills.

  • All around the world,
  • Finances, literature,
  • Fanners,
  • Psychology, career,
  • Crime,
  • Science,
  • Arts, globalisation,
  • Vocabulary: approximately 3000 words.
German Advanced Level 1
our own course material You speak German fluently and revise by writing texts of all kinds in the German language. You will lead many discussions on your own. You will read Austrian/German newspapers and literature and watch Austrian/German television and analyse movies/films in German language.
German Advanced 2
our own course material This is the final level. From here on you will be perfecting your German. You will be able to express yourself spontaneously, very fluently and precisely and to highlight/point out slight differences in meaning in complex contexts.

Reaching your goal step by step

Our textbooks and material will prepare you in a practical way for living in a German speaking country. In our German beginners courses you will be studying with the textbook „Schritte“ including CDs and excercise book (Hueber Verlag). Four volumes will lead you through the whole basic level A1/1 til A2/2 according to the Common European Framework.

We use the textbook „em neu“ including the workbook (hueber Verlag) for our intermediate courses.
„em neu“ will lead you in three volumes, each with a separate work book, or in six volumes with integrated excercises, to the levels B2 and C1 according to the General European Reference Frame.

Apart from these materials we use a broad range of other texts, handouts and exercise sheets.