Examinations and certificates

Meridian – certificates are awarded when you pass the test at the end of each level.

Certificates of attendance are awarded at the end of each course you attend regularly.

Österreichisches Sprachdiplom (ÖSD)

Meridian is an official examination centre for the Österreichisches Sprachdiplom. You can prepare for the ÖSD examinations by taking one of our courses.

What is the ÖSD?

ÖSD stands for “Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch”. The ÖSD is a state-approved examination and assessment system for German as a Foreign Language / German as a Second Language consisting of 9 examination modules at 6 different levels. ÖSD exams focus mainly on communicative aspects. ÖSD exams can be taken directly at our institute.

What do I need to be able to register?

Please bring along official photo-bearing identification (passport, ID card) to registration and to the examination.

Where and when can I register for exam?

Please register directly at our examination centre. Important: registration in Austria is possible up to 4 weeks before the exam.

What does the exam cost?

A1: 100,–
A2: 120,–
B1: 150,–
B2: 160,–
C1: 180,–
C2: 200,–

WHEN do the exams take place?

A1 – C1 levels are offered at each examination date. Written and oral parts take palce on the same day! A1, A2 and B1 start at 12:00. B2, C1 and C2 start at 09:00. Please click on the date you would like to take the exam in order to register for it.


Which exam should I take?

If you are not sure which level to take, you can take a look at our sample tests free of charge and find out whether a particular level is too easy or too difficult for you.

How can I prepare myself for the exam?

You can prepare for the ÖSD examinations by taking one of our courses.

Am I allowed to use my dictionary during the exam?

You are allowed to use a monolingual or bilingual dictionary in the “B2 Mittelstufe Deutsch” exam. For the “C1 Oberstufe Deutsch” and “C2 Wirtschaftssprache Deutsch” examinations you are allowed to make use of a monolingual dictionary (German-German). The dictionary can be used in the written part of the exam as well as while preparing for the oral examination. You are not allowed to use any electronic dictionaries, language computers or similar.

How long is my ÖSD diploma valid?

ÖSD diplomas are valid for life.