Additional offers to our Russian courses

Culture & activities

Shining golden domes, the biggest and most beautiful of Europe’s rivers and the natural wonder known as Lake Baikal, the „pearl of Siberia”…

A warm hospitality, treasures of art of infinite worth, spectacular architecture and historical buildings known worldwide…

these are only a few of the characteristics of the world’s largest country: Russia.

Some examples from our additional program

An introduction to the country and its people
At the beginning of each term we watch a movie about Russia. You learn about Russia’s history, tourist spots and everyday life in this vast country.  Be doing this, you get valuable tips for a Russian holiday.

Moscow – residence of 16 million people
With the help of movies and other media we present you the city of Moscow, its history and its numerous popular attractions. Discover how life is like in this hotspot, a residence of estimated 16 million people.

Saint Petersburg
Saint Petersburg, like Moscow, is introduced to you with the help of movies and DVDs. Find out more about the previous capital city of Russia, the history, its tourist spots and life in this city.

Russian – literary evenings
Participate in our literary evenings! Once a month, our learners from the higher Russian classes meet to discuss, analyze and interpret Russian literature.

Russian traditions
Together with the other students from your course you visit a Russian restaurant in Vienna, where you can order typical Russian meals and find out more about Russian customs and traditions.

Excursions into Russian culture
We offer our participants interesting cultural excursions throughout Vienna. Together, we visit the Russian Library, the Russian Theater, a Russian Orthodox Church or interesting events of the “Wiener Kulturinstitut”.

Movies based on Russian novels
On afternoons we show you movies based on Russian novels, famous works by Russian directors and high quality entertainment movies.

Most parts of our program we can offer for free, but for some we kindly ask you to pay an additional fee.