TRKI – the state recognized Russian language certificate

The TRKI stands for “Тест по русскому языку как иностранному “, in English the “Test for Russian as a Foreign Language.”

These are the TRKI language levels:

A1 – Elementary Level

A2 – Basic Level

B1, B2 – First and Second Level, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate

C1, C2 – Third and Fourth Level, Advanced and Proficiency

What is the TRKI?

The TRKI tries to, with objective methods, independent from the duration, the intensity or the efficiency of the course, or the used textbooks/methods and the individual talent for the language, to evaluate ones knowledge of the Russian language and compare it with other international exams for foreign languages, such as the TOEFL or the ÖSD.
The exam takes place in the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation in Moscow (Головной центр тестирования граждан зарубежных стран по русскому языку).
The exam can also be taken in Vienna in the Russian Culture Institute (Brahmplatz 8, 1040 Vienna)

Important facts about the TRKI
The Russian certificate TRKI (Test po Russkomu Kak Inostannomu) is recognized worldwide.
It consists of six levels.

The TRKI certificate gives you the possibility to document your knowledge of the Russian language and to present proof for:

  • Education/Work (e.g.: Universities, Companies… etc) – A1-C2
  • The Russian government (important for working and studying in Russia) – B1-C2
  • Authorities in the EU-States and the USA (incl. Chamber of Commerce) – B1-C2

The exam tests your written and spoken knowledge of the Russian language.
The exam has five different parts:

1. Vocabulary and Grammar/Субтест 1. Лексика. Грамматика

2. Reading comprehension/Субтест 2. Чтение

3. Writing of texts/Субтест 3. Письмо

4. Hearing comprehension/Субтест 4. Аудирование

5. Spoken exam/Субтест 5. Устный экзамен

In accordance to your needs and wishes, we can prepare a State recognized language certificate ТРКИ/TRKI in our language school Meridian.

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