Learning German – Discovering Vienna

Why study German in Vienna?

Vienna is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities in the world. In 1900 the capital of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire was the centre of a world of intellectuals from which many renowned artists and scientists evolved.

The city of Vienna, the way it was at the turn of the century, has been architecturally well conserved. You can visit Vienna’s many memorials, some of them have free entry, and practice the German you learn in the language course.

There is hardly another city like Vienna – it offers such a broad range of choices to culture lovers .

Impressive architecture, a high living standard and low prices…

According to an international city ranking Vienna is, after Zürich and Vancouver, the city with the highest living standard, among other things, due to its green zones called Wienerwald and Donau-Auen. The water in Vienna is of excellent quality and smog is hardly known.

Vienna is also one of the safest and cheapest cities in Europe.

Contrary to what many people say, the Viennese speak standard German.

The Viennese Burgtheater is known for the classic high German spoken by its actors.

If you like we will gladly help you understand the regional Viennese dialect as well as possible.

There are monuments known all over the world such as Schloss Schönbrunn (the Imperial Castle), the Wiener Hofburg (Imperial Palace), the famous Opera House, and many more.

There is hardly another city that offers such a broad range of choices to culture lovers. The Viennese Music scene has a worldwide reputation, just thinking of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra , the Vienna Boys Choir or the National Opera House. There is a vivid concert scene too that includes classical music as well as modern music at the highest level. The collections that can be found at the Viennese Museums are renowned in the whole world, especially the unique paintings at the Museum of Fine Arts.

For more information on the Viennese cultural agenda: www.info.wien.at

Leisure time

MERIDIAN language school will organise an interesting cultural agenda in addition to the German courses offer. You will explore Vienna, Austria and the Austrian and German culture. Our group activities offer many opportunities to speak German and make new friends.

Suggestions from our cultural programme

The city, the Viennese people and life in Vienna
In the beginning of each course/month we will show you films/movies to introduce you to Vienna. You will learn all the important things of the city’s history, its sights and life in Vienna. You will also receive valuable advice on how to live your daily life in Vienna.

Strolling through Vienna
Off from the usual tourist tracks Vienna shows its most special side. We will lead you through the ancient, narrow alleys of the city centre showing you many hidden pearls and telling you stories and historical episodes you won’t find in a tourist guide book. Stroll with us along the Wiener Ringstrasse, follow Mozart’s and Beethoven’s steps or discover the ruins of the Ancient Roman settlement Vindobona.

Guided tours through museums and famous buildings
We organise guided tours that will lead you through the most interesting museums of Vienna: Kunsthistorisches Museum, Jewish Museum, Wien-Museum, and also the Opera House and Parliament building.

German literature evenings
A popular meeting point for our students is our literature evening: once a month all the students with a higher level of German gather to analyse and discuss German literature.

Waiter, a „Melange“ please!
Visit one of Viennas famous coffehouses after the course with your fellow students and read the newspaper and chat as it is tradition.

Vienna and wine
A heuriger is a local wine inn (wie wär’s damit?)mostly located at the outskirts of the city, almost in the countryside. People sit and chat with a glass of seasonal wine in relaxed atmosphere.

Alles Walzer!
Is there anything more typical for Vienna than the Viennese Waltz? We invite you to sway with us in the rythm of waltz during an evening of dancing lessons.

Vienna’s surroundings
Viennas surroundings offer many sights as well: Come with us to the region of Wachau, visit the monastery of Melk, the lake Neusiedl or Klosterneuburg Monastery, where Emperor Karl VI built his Austrian Escorial.

Movie afternoons
In our institute we will show you film adaptations of German and Austrian literature, works of Austrian and German directors, but also entertainment movies as „Sissy“ with actress Romy Schneider as the main character or the world famous film-musical „Sound of Music“ which was awarded with 5 Oscars.

We can show you most of the films for free but for some we will ask you for a little financial contribution.